Discover how women over 40 are creating content for brands and getting paid well for it. 

 (Even without a big social media following.) 


You might be wondering why a brand would pay you for content?

Well, you’re highly sought after for your authenticity and relatability! Gone are the days of influencer marketing/advertising. Consumers want to buy from someone they identify with and according to AARP 92% of consumers are now trusting user-generated content more than traditional advertising.


But what is User generated Content?

User-generated content, often abbreviated as UGC, refers to any form of content – such as videos, images, reviews, or testimonials – created and shared by users of the product, rather than brands or professional content creators.

UGC can take many forms, from product reviews and unboxing videos to user-submitted photos and blog posts. What sets UGC apart is its authenticity and relatability, as it comes directly from real people (like you!) rather than being highly curated or produced by companies (which these days, people don't care about).

In essence, UGC harnesses the power of everyday creators to generate content that resonates with audiences on a personal level, often leading to increased engagement, trust, and brand loyalty (and brands are hungry for this!).

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Maybe you're curious about UGC, but you're potentially wondering...


🙋‍♀️ 'I have never really filmed videos before, I have experience''

That's ok we have got you, our UGC Accelerator Course is designed to take you from beginner to getting paid for your first video. Take one of our students Kirsty, she completed our course and within 48hrs had a brand offer her $400 NZD for her first ever video. (Meet Kristy)

🙋‍♀️ 'I don't want to post on my own social media'

That's ok, nothing gets posted on your social media. Brands take your content to use on their accounts.

🙋‍♀️ I don't have expensive equipment

All you need is a phone, a laptop & free editing software (also on our phone!)

🙋‍♀️ I don't have a big social media following

Your social media following has no relevance as brands want your authenticity & relatability to push in their marketing (Meet Tracey)

🙋‍♀️I dont know if I am confident enough to do it

We all start somewhere, our community is full of beginner creators, women, who are exactly where you maybe now. We will support your growth the the whole way. We know you can do this! (Meet Sophie)

🙋‍♀️ I don't think I 'look' the part

As consumers & women over 40 we want to buy from someone we identify with, so YES you do look the part, no one is 'perfect' and that's what we want to see now!






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